In a rapidly changing business environment, a detailed understanding of your marketplace and customer needs is key to your business success.  This understanding will help you refine your value propositions for your customers and anticipate changing trends that you can convert into new and innovative products and services.  Through a combination of desk research and interviews, we are able to create that picture of your marketplace and build a deep understanding of your customers’ needs.

Case Study 1

By designing and implementing a detailed consumer insight survey, we have worked with an international company to enable them to understand what they need to do to improve customer loyalty.

Case Study 2

Are you thinking of entering a new market? We have helped with identifying the key success factors that needed to be in place to let a new supplier enter the automotive market.

Case Study 3

We conducted a series of interviews with a number of companies to enable our client to understand the competitive gap between them and their major competitors.

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We can look at most markets and offer specialist expertise for the steel industry and its core steel-using sectors.