Product development can be a very frustrating activity for any company – identifying the right idea, mobilising the resources to support the development, trying to sell it to your customers. Key to successful product development is the quality of the ideas that you are getting from your market and then developing them quickly to exploit the opportunity. We can provide a new perspective on how you are doing and help provide solutions to make you more innovative in your markets.

Case Study 1

Through working with this SME, we were able to develop the appropriate go-to-market strategy for their new products which led to a faster than expected market uptake.

Case Study 2

By benchmarking where this company was in its new product development performance, we were able to identify key improvement actions for the business.

Case Study 3

A detailed investigation of the available skills amongst UK universities enabled our client to identify the right partner for their new product development programme.

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Whether you’re an SME or an international business – many of the issues preventing you being innovative are the same.