Many people think that marketing is just market communications or advertising. By focusing on this one element of the marketing mix, companies miss the potential of marketing to drive sales and increase profitability. By adopting a strategic marketing approach and developing an integrated programme covering product and pricing strategies as well as the promotional element, companies will derive the maximum benefit from their marketing activities. We can help you prepare an integrated strategic marketing programme that will improve the profitability of your company.

Case Study 1

By assessing the portfolio of products of an SME, we developed the appropriate face-to-market strategy for the various market segments the company was targeting.

Case Study 2

Through developing the right digital strategy for its market, we were able to help this company significantly increase the number of enquiries for its products.

Case Study 3

Through working closely with the members of a UK Trade Association, we were able to recommend and implement a strategic marketing plan that restored the image of the association within its industry.

We can help you make sense of that future market place – the one you will be competing in tomorrow!

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